Motel Letizia

It is a bad business card that is offered to tourists who leave the A13 exit of “Terme Euganee” to reach the hotels of Abano and Montegrotto or to visit the Euganean Hills. As soon as you pass the toll bar, on the left there is a situation of degradation that has lasted for years. An open-air rubbish tip in front of and inside the structure abandoned for about 20 years by the former Motel Letizia.
In the improvised rest area, outside the fence of the former motel and in the space in front of the structure there is everything, from slabs of eternity, black bags containing garbage of various kinds to a can of black liquid, perhaps flammable. To complete the bleak picture, is the interior of the structure of the former motel, where there are still old carcasses of refrigerators, wardrobes, mattresses and windows dismantled to prevent the building from becoming a bed for desperate people at night. There are those who say that, with the construction of a new shopping center in the nearby area, the former motel will also find a solution. But in the meantime, the situation is this.

📸 January 2020
📍Terme Euganee – Italy